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When you are in search of capable and experienced Roofers to handle your roofing needs, rest assured that our team here at Proformance Roofing has what it takes to do a great job. We are a locally owned and family-operated business and we focus on customer satisfaction at all times. We realize how expensive your roof can be and that is why we work hard to make sure that you get the best services, whether you want New Roofs installed or repair services. We offer a wide range of residential roofing services to meet your needs. Property owners who call on us can rest easy knowing that we provide roof inspections. Our roof inspection crew will come to you, take a good look at your roof and uncover the areas that are likely to be problematic. We know how to pinpoint minor and major damages. After the inspection has been completed, we offer a detailed inspection report that tells you what we recommend.



Roof Replacement can be expensive. We do not readily recommend roof replacement to our customers unless it is necessary. We offer roof repair services aimed at addressing common problems like missing shingles and flashing, water leaks, roof rots, and others. Our roofers are familiar with all kinds of roofing systems and roofing materials. You can rest assured that we will do a good job on your roof to protect you from the hazards of weather elements. In some cases, especially for extensive roof damages, we may recommend roof replacements. Customers who wish to replace their roofs will get all of the help needed to navigate the project from our team. We will walk them through the major material options and make sure that they are happy with the outcome. We also offer roof maintenance services to keep your roof in solid shape.


New Roofs


As a team that is familiar with all kinds of roofing systems and materials, you can trust us to handle all of your roofing needs including roof repairs. Whether your roof is missing some shingles or flashings, whether it is punctured or rotting, rest assured that we have what it takes to restore it to its original condition. Our roofers will address all roof leaks and get your home back to a protected level. We also offer roof maintenance services. Customers who choose our roof maintenance service will have access to a wide array of benefits including improved quality of protection, prolonged roof lifespan, reduced cost of repairs, and more. Our maintenance crew will inspect your roof, catch minor problems before they become pronounced, and make sure that they are fixed. We also offer installation of New Roofs as well as Roof Replacement solutions. Trust us to work closely with you to select the right roofing materials. Our roofers will get the job done fast without compromising quality.




Roof Replacement



When hiring roofers, whether for your home or business needs, you need to choose experts who have years of experience handling all kinds of roofs. Here a Proformance Roofing, we have a mission to keep customers happy and we strive hard to do that. As a locally owned and family-operated business, we go above and beyond to make sure that you have access to all of the roofing services that you need. When you contact us for New Roofs, Roof Replacement, or roof repairs. You can rest assured that we have a process that guarantees quality. When we meet with you the second time, our aim is to discuss the project in detail with you. During our second meeting, we will go over the scope of the project with you. During this meeting, we will also discuss all of the relevant information and make the necessary decisions regarding financing options, product color, paperwork signing, and finalization of the production date. Once all of these have been finalized, we proceed to obtain the necessary permits and order all materials for your production needs.


Here at Proformance Roofing, we have roofers who are up to the task and ready to work with you to ensure that your damaged roof is restored to its pristine condition. When you call on us, the first line of action is an assessment of the damage. Without assessing the extent of the damage, it may be inaccurate to suggest a solution. Our roof inspection crew will get on your roof, scan its length and breadth for damages, and offer you a report on what was observed. Based on the result of the inspection, we can recommend repairs, replacements, or re-roofing services. 


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