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Physiotherapy is the medical treatment of diseases, injury and conditions through various physical approaches including massage, exercise, manipulation and many other therapeutic techniques over medication and surgical procedures. Many individuals may think that physiotherapist only work with sports and back-related injuries, however that is not always true. Some people have found relief from a physiotherapy treatment for whiplash or sprains. Some have used physiotherapy to overcome depression and anxiety, and to improve general health and fitness. And of course, there are some who have received physiotherapy for pain management.



A good physiotherapist knows how to assess a patient and determine an effective program based on the patient's needs and symptoms. The most common areas of therapy usually focus on the musculoskeletal system, sports injuries, aging and rehabilitation. While some therapists specialize in a specific discipline such as pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology or pneumatic sciences, most are generalists and enjoy providing a comprehensive approach to healthcare. Many Physio therapists also receive specialized education at physiotherapy schools and participate in continuing education courses to maintain licensure.







Physiotherapy (the medical term for physical therapy) is a treatment used by physiotherapists or athletic therapists to help patients suffering from physical disabilities that limit their movements. As people grow older, the necessity for many different therapies to decrease pain and improve mobility increases. The advantages of Physiotherapy for seniors are profound. Unfortunately, many doctors and other medical staff field questions regarding this constantly, and, for very good reason. First, it is important to understand that physiotherapy, while it may be used in conjunction with surgery, can also be complimentary therapy. Usually, a physiotherapist works in conjunction with a doctor who specializes in the management of health conditions and injuries, including orthopedic surgeons. Together they will try to develop a treatment plan that will relieve the patient's symptoms as much as possible while allowing him or her to continue with his or her activities of daily living.






A Physiotherapist is a licensed medical practitioner that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of physical disabilities. Professionals who specialize in physiotherapy work with individuals to develop tailored programs aimed to restore as near to normal function as possible and to encourage as much mobility as is possible. These programs may be used to address injuries, deformities, neurological problems, aging, or any other illness. They are also trained to assist patients in all stages of healthy life, from infancy to old age. Some therapists choose to continue working with patients well into their later years to help them maintain their health and well-being.



Injuries resulting from trauma, auto accidents, falls, blunt force trauma, diseases such as AIDS or HIV/AIDS, developmental disorders, and cancer, are all treatable by physiotherapy. The process of physiotherapy, which includes manual therapy, exercise, weight management and stress management techniques, is intended to return movement, sensation, and independent movement to the patients affected by these and other health conditions. This help allows them to resume active and productive lives. As well, physiotherapy can reduce pain, stiffness, and swelling and help to improve range-of-motion and muscle strength in individuals that have experienced injury, illness, or accident.


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