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If you are planning an important occasion such as a birthday party, wedding, or a corporate trip, you definitely want to have a luxurious sedan to transport the invited guests to and from the location. Limos are an excellent way to transport your family to a special occasion in Burlington. Although a limousine service may cost more than other transportation methods, it can be well worth the cost when you consider all of the perks that come with hiring a limousine. Here are some reasons why:Brighton Limos provide you with the ultimate in convenience for any type of special occasion. You can choose from a full fleet of luxury vehicles including stretch limos, prestige limos, and stretch SUVs, sport-utility vehicles, sedans, and minivans. Limos offers you more room, more amenities, and more comfort for an extended period of time because they typically accommodate several passengers. A limo is also a better choice for business travel because the vehicles are more spacious and can accommodate your entire staff for the duration of the trip.Professional chauffeurs will make sure that your ride is comfortable and fully equipped to cater to your every need. You can choose from a variety of amenities and upgrades, including LCD TVs, iPods, and DVDs. Luxury vehicles typically come with tinted windows, tinted doors, bulletproof windows, tinted windows, GPS navigation system, and a full inventory of drinks and snacks. There are many reasons why it is more beneficial to hire a limo service rather than driving your own vehicles; whether you are making a last-minute trip or an everyday getaway, a quality limo service will make sure that everyone gets to and from their event safely.





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If you are planning a party bus for your next event, then you will need to read up on all of the information that is available about Brighton party buses. A party bus (or even several buses) is an extremely popular way for businesses to advertise special events or large conventions. The cost of renting a bus can be very low compared to the potential income earned by allowing your advertising to reach a large number of potential customers. Before you begin renting party buses, you should make sure that you have all of the information that you will need about the different kinds of buses available. This will allow you to make a well informed decision.One of the most important things that you will want to know about party buses is exactly how much room they provide. You will need to find out if there is enough room for all of the people who will be riding aboard your bus. If there are going to be a number of different passengers, then you will also need to find out how many passengers the bus can comfortably carry. Knowing how many passengers you can safely hold is extremely important when it comes to choosing a bus for your event. There are typically amenities on these buses like a bar, television and sometimes even a fiber optic lighting system.Fiber optic lighting is a very interesting option that is being utilized in many party buses today. This fiber optic lighting system is able to send colors through the walls of the bus and out to the guest of honor at the time of the ride. In addition, guests will be able to look directly into the television or speaker system without having to leave their seats to do so. These are just a few of the features that you will want to take into consideration when you are looking for a party bus for your event.






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Limo Cost The most common cost to rent a limo per hour is roughly $70, which makes the average cost for one hour of limousine service around $350 to 500. The price of a limo rental on a wedding ranges from about $ Apex to about $ayers, while limo pricing for prom goes from around $auld to about $and per hour. If you are trying to find the average cost to rent a limo per hour then you are going to have to do a lot of research in order to figure out what the going rate is for the type of limo you are hiring for your party or event. The better informed you are about limo costs, the more likely it is that you will be able to find a great deal on a great limo rental.Price of Alcohol If you are planning on doing any drinking during the proms then you will want to know the going rate for alcohol. Brighton limo rental companies ask for twenty ounces of champagne for an hour of limousine service. However, if you are bringing some friends along with you who all drink then twenty ounces of champagne should be enough for everyone to have a great time. Most of the time, you will find that if you are planning on doing a lot of drinking then you can save money by getting a bottle of wine and making your own Margarita at home instead of hiring a limo rental company to bring the alcohol. If you are bringing your date or your best friend, you may want to consider a cheap limo rental to allow everyone to have a good time.



It is common to see stretch limos. Stretch limos are SUVs with an extended cab, which allows for a greater number of passengers. Stretch limos have been popular options for many years now, but they are only recently that they became available in the United States. These cars are usually high end and usually include features such as a leather interior, climate control, tinted windows, and a sound system with a karaoke machine. Because most limos offer seating for eight passengers, they are good for large parties.Before you learn how to drive a stretch limousine and then how to get it to your destination, you should first learn about the basics of limos. Stretch limos are available in a wide range of colors and sizes and most of the time they are driven by experienced drivers who are familiar with city driving. It is important that you select a knowledgeable driver who has enough experience to provide you with reliable services. Many of these cars come with GPS navigation systems so that they always know where they are going. Learning how to drive a regular limo, however, is very easy, provided you are willing to invest some time in learning about the vehicle.


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