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Proving you have an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more is not difficult because the prosecutor will admit results from a breathalyzer and blood test into evidence. These tests can also be unreliable, producing inaccurate readings on both your breath and Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). If you are facing DWI, you'll want to discuss your case with an attorney as soon as possible to start building your defense strategy. From challenging field sobriety tests to showing how evidence was gathered at the scene, your Dwi Lawyer can fight for you. Your DWI lawyer may be able to show a judge that tests were not administered properly and there was evidence they violated your constitutional rights. For example, you weren't offered an interpreter during testing because English is not your first language.


Sanjay Biswas Attorney At Law is a DWI attorney in San Antonio who can help you with your DWI case. Having represented multiple  DWI clients, Biswas has the knowledge and experience to help build your defense and make sure your constitutional rights are protected. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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I Thought the Police Can't Search My Home Without a Warrant?"  And Other Things You Should Know-Whether or not a drug crime has been committed, the police will need a search warrant to enter your home. Although you can legally deny them entry without a search warrant,  this is not always the best idea. You'd be wrong to fight the police once they're at your doorstep, whether they have a warrant or not. For your best interest, give way to the enforcement officers and their K9. Keep in mind that lack of probable cause or a search warrant can work to the advantage of your drug crime defense, and your Drug Defense Attorney will explain everything you need to know. Remember that drugs are a major problem in society. Drug dealers have been known for evading or obstructing drug searches in different ways, from putting things out of sight to even moving locations and changing phone numbers. That’s why enforcement agencies might storm property if they believe there's drug activity. But if they cannot prove you are guilty of drug possession or drug trafficking, then there's no way to convict you. And, if the agencies searched your vehicle or home and you doubt it was legal, always contact a drug defense attorney immediately. They'll know how to proceed. Sanjay Biswas Attorney At Law is ready to defend your rights when you're facing drug charges for the best possible result in Texas and Louisiana. If you or someone you know has been caught with drug possession, drug trafficking, or drug manufacturing, contact us to begin building the best possible defense for your case.  We are dedicated to obtaining justice for our clients by providing individualized attention for each case. Our goal is to make sure you receive your freedom where possible or the least harsh possible punishment given your specific drug case facts. Take advantage of our free consultation service today.


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In addition, they often have an imbalanced caseload that they may need to address first instead of focusing on your case. This can lead to a lack of personalized attention and adequate preparation for court hearings. This means you're taking a huge risk by not having private legal representation before the judge. Remember that criminal cases can go on for years, and you want someone working hard to make sure your freedom is not compromised.  While hiring a private criminal defense attorney will cost you money, it is better than having an under-prepared lawyer represent you in front of the judge. From experience, this will not only increase the likelihood of jail time but also make you lose all hope in successfully fighting your charges from prison.


If you or someone you know needs legal representation, contact an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer today. Sanjay Biswas Attorney At Law is a criminal defense law firm ready to handle your case.  With years of experience and a track record of successfully defending several criminal cases, Sanjay Biswas will study your case and establish the best possible defense strategy to use in court. Don't waste any more time; contact us now for a free case evaluation.

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