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Our estate planning lawyer at Scott Shoemaker & Associates work with you in establishing legal plans, so they can carry them out when the time comes. With years of experience in legally helping families, we've seen it all - and that is why you'll want to put your trust in us. They're more than just law experts; They're family advisors for life. Mentioning their longevity: "with over three decades of experience." At Scott Shoemaker and Associates, we are a law firm that understands that every client's legal needs are different. They work hard to give each individualized attention and personalize their approach so they can promote you and your family the best way possible! Our lawyers at Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC are here to make the most difficult days of your life that much easier. From will creation to litigation, our team has you covered. You've entrusted many of your most important decisions to us, so please turn to the one person who knows precisely what protection is best for you. Scott Shoemaker & Associates PLC lawyers provide an individualized approach for each client with sound legal guidance and solutions tailored specifically to their needs. Want to know how to make your family's future as bright and happy-go-lucky as it deserves? Call Scott Shoemaker & Associates, and let us help you out!





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It's never a good thing when you lose a loved one, but it can be a much happier occasion if your family is protected from the financial fallout of an unexpected death. With our easy wills service, you could give all sorts of peace to those left behind by knowing they will inherit everything as planned without added stress or complexity. At Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC, we provide detailed instructions and tools for making a legal will with support from lawyers who understand all the legal jargon after many years in practice. So don't leave these critical individuals unprotected - consult them today!Looking out for loved ones is essential, so why not put their future in your hands? Scott Shoemaker & Associates PLC has years of experience drafting Michigan power of attorney, wills, and trusts. Our wills lawyer can help you get on top of your family's needs now to avoid significant debt later!We want to be a part of your family's legacy – and we know that creating a will is one way you can help safeguard the legacy you leave behind. Read on for some compelling information about how having a choice saves your loved one's time, energy, and money. Become an expert at what matters most to your family now, make sure those who depend on you are taken care of in the future, and save them from those expensive legal fees!Creating a will now is an easy way to spare your family legal hassles down the line. It's also inexpensive, affordable, and worth it. Trusting that these essential documents are for your loved ones waives any worries about what they'll do if you're gone. That's why at Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC, we are here to help you secure your future.




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Friends, there's an unlikely reason to feel confident about getting legal advice for your estate planning needs. We've been in the business of estate planning for years and have helped hundreds of clients just like you with their unique situations. You'll never see us rush through the process or deliver lukewarm advice--from start to finish, and our team will be committed to understanding your needs so that together we can create a custom-tailored plan born out of trust between attorney and client. If you're tired of estate planners who think they know what's best but don't bother to ask, Scott Shoemaker & Associates is the law firm for you. If your decisions are guided by worry or confusion, write down exactly how you want things to go after your passing. We'll use all our experience and resources to help you create an estate plan that will efficiently carry out your desires without fail. So to find peace of mind today with knowledgeable legal expertise from our estate planning lawyer!Are you just going to take a gamble with your future, or talk to Scott Shoemaker & Associates, PLC, about your estate planning needs? The lawyers at our law firm know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to life, and we're committed to giving you the best options for specific family concerns—worried that talking about retirement accounts might be too complicated? Feeling like you need more than wills and trusts on your side? Then, give us a call today so we can answer any questions.

A will is a legal document that deals with the transfer of assets. Will language determines who gets what after death, following instructions in the Will. A living trust contrasts to this by answering many legal questions without court involvement if the grantor dies. First, it's created when someone forms an intention to build trust or when people include instructions for their funeral home about end-of-life arrangements. Second, it buys property at below-market rates and ensures personal representatives don't have to sell assets to collect life insurance proceeds for beneficiaries who are not named as beneficiaries on policies within the trust. Third, it protects probate court proceedings which can be expensive and time-consuming while undervaluing your estate contents because they reflect only.There are two main types of wills, a standard choice and a living trust. The living trust is preferred for those who wish to have their assets placed in a "trust," governed by one or more trustees with specific responsibilities. Usually, these trustees would be family members or trusted friends that your loved ones would want to carry on with their wishes as you requested them from the start.


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