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When either of these units breaks down, the quality of your life is grossly affected and this is why at Service Tech, Inc., we offer a comprehensive heating and Air Conditioning Service that guarantees your comfort at all times of the day and night.When you reach out to us as your preferred Air Conditioning Company, we make sure that you are exposed to the best air conditioning and heating Service in the area. We have a team of well-trained technicians who are always ready to come to you to get your needs attended to.


Our residential and Commercial AC Service Birmingham, AL has been designed to address all of the common Service needs that you may need including AC repairs and maintenance.Our technicians are also ready to deliver full replacement Services to you and your family at a moment’s notice. We will come to your property fully equipped with everything needed to get the job done on the spot.Our technicians will begin each Service by diagnosing the problem and the extent of the damage suffered by the air conditioning unit. After having ascertained the problem, customers will be offered fair pricing and a detailed quote. 



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At Service Tech, Inc., your comfort is our concern. This is why we are constantly taking steps to ensure that you have access to the best heating and Air Conditioning Service in Birmingham, AL.Our focus is on you. This is why when you hire us to be your Air Conditioning Company, we will make sure that you are provided with the best Services to promote the quality of your life and your overall comfort.We are known to offer both residential and Commercial ac Service Birmingham, AL, and we have made sure that all of the Services that we offer are affordably priced.Added to offering Commercial and residential Services like Air conditioning installation, repairs, and replacement, we also offer maintenance Services aimed at prolonging the lifespan of customer’s HVAC system while also saving them more money in repair costs.



Commercial AC Service Birmingham, AL


Service Tech, Inc. has been the trusted and most reliable heating and Air Conditioning Company in Birmingham, AL for years. We have over these years grown to expand the Services that we offer such that your home can remain habitable during the cold winter nights and the hot summer afternoons.We take pride in being able to offer unparalleled Service quality to all of the members of our community who hire us for their residential and Commercial AC Service Birmingham, AL needs.As a company that is committed to meeting the needs of its customers, we guarantee the following.We are familiar with all of the members of our community and as a locally owned business, we have designed our prices to be affordable to you and your business. Not only are our Services affordable, but we also offer a wide range of flexible financing solutions to customers who are looking to make an investment in their indoor comfort. We make sure that the financing plans and packages we offer are easy to access.

Additional Services that we offer include.We are not only known for air conditioning and furnace repair Birmingham Service, but we are also known for our indoor air quality Services. We understand the negative impact of poor indoor air quality as it can lead to respiratory problems like asthma. We come into your property to perform Services like duct cleaning and filter cleaning or change to ensure that you remain comfortable.We know that you would rather not take a cold shower. This is why when your water heater is broken or it has started giving signs of possible problems, we will come to you, diagnose the problem and perform a fix on it. We come armed with a fully-stocked Service vehicle which means that we are capable of delivering the same day Services to you at no extra cost.We take pride in working with highly trained technicians and we stand by the work that we do. You can rest easy that all Services that we offer come with a warranty.

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