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SPARC Recreational Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Sebastopol is a Dispensary Near Me located in the heart of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. We have been here for years and we are more than happy to be addressing the needs of the members of our community who are interested in getting the very best cannabis products. As a business, we have continued to thrive because we have placed the needs and wants of our customers above everything else. We strive to keep our customers satisfied and happy at all times and we achieve this by making sure that they have an abundance of options when they come into our dispensary. Many customers who are in search of a dispensary nearby are quick to locate us because of referrals from customers who have tried and trusted us. 



We understand the need for quality products and we guarantee that all of the members of our community will have access to products that have been vetted by us. we only stock the best quality products that offer you more value for your money. Come into our dispensary to speak to any of our staff when you are lost as to which cannabis product is right for you. We not only cater to the needs of those in need of medical marijuana but we also address the needs of those in need of recreational marijuana whether for sleep, deep relaxation, or other sensations. We know that not all of our customers have the time to come into our dispensary and that is why we are proud to offer them marijuana delivery solutions. We offer early delivery to customers in and around our area. Customers can visit our online shelf via our website to select the very best products for their specific needs.


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We are the Dispensary Nearby that is focused on making sure that you get the very best CBD products at all times. We have been in business for years and this has allowed us to carefully handpick the suppliers and manufacturers we do business with. Our major aim is to offer our customers the very best products and we achieve this goal by making sure that all of the products that we carry are quality tested to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards in terms of potency. We take care to ensure that the satisfaction of our customers is paramount. This drive has pushed us to offer a wide range of products for customer’s needs With a variety of products on our shelves, we guarantee that you will always find the best product for you and your needs at all times. When you come into our marijuana dispensary, you can choose from the wide range of products that we have for you including; cherry pie live resin – gram, high THC Full spectrum cannabis oil – gram, OG Kush cured resin budder – gram, slymer live resin sauce – gram, maui wowie dablicator – gram, alien OG dablicator – gram, redqood summer hash – gram, sour diesel live resin – gram, Mezcal sour live resin sauce – gram, wedding mintz cured resin budder – gram, Gelato live resin – gram, SFV glue live sauce – gram, razzleberry walker live resin – gram, rebel moon hash – gram, citrus sunrise live resin sauce – gram, peanut butter breath hash – gram, and more. Rest assured that we offer marijuana delivery and delivery of every other product in our inventory to your doorstep.




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Marijuana Delivery flowers are perhaps the commonest part of the plant. Choosing marijuana flowers can be a hassle, especially when in search of organic flowers that have been grown under the very best conditions. Here at SPARC Recreational Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Sebastopol, we know that you deserve the best and that is why as the Dispensary near me, we make sure that you are able to gain access to the very best marijuana flowers around. We have been in business for years and this has afforded us the opportunity to work with the best growers and manufacturers whose products we are able to certify to be the best. We are constantly striving to put you, our customers, first. To do that, we are more than happy to have expanded our inventory of marijuana flowers carried. When you come into our dispensary nearby, we guarantee that you will have access to all kinds of marijuana flowers across different strains and varieties. 



We have the best marijuana flowers from the indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. You can rest assured that coming into our dispensary will give you access to a wide range of products including the raspberry sativa, marionberry indica, blackberry and lemon unwind, huckleberry hybrid, fire OG, strawberry indica, purple pineapple grab and roll, OG cookies grab and roll, purple pineapple grab and roll, frosted melon, biodynamic triple chocolate chip, premium Jack, thin mint cookie dawg, blueberry haze, triangle mints, super sour diesel, blue dream, 4K, biodynamic black jack, Z cube, strawberry banana, paradise citrus, blue dream grab and roll, frosted melon, peach puree, kosher kush, biodynamic granola funk, sour banana grab and roll, GMO, and more.


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