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Here at SPARC Recreational Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Santa Rosa, we are more than happy to be the best Dispensary Near Me for top quality marijuana products. We have built a reputation over the years and we remain solidly interested in making sure that all of the needs of our customers are met without questions.We have expanded our product options to make sure that all customers that come into our dispensary get the finest quality products irrespective of whether they need it for recreational or medical purposes.We have a team that is in the quality check pipeline and what they do is to test any new product to make sure that it is true to claim in terms of quality and potency.We wish to offer you only the best products and the best value for your money. You can rest assured that if you aren’t a big fan of smoking or you are interested in an alternative way to enjoy your cannabis, we have the right products for you.




We carry a wide range of marijuana edibles including chocolates, cookies, gummies, and more. All of the products that we carry are guaranteed to deliver the punch as well as the relaxing feeling that you crave.Rest easy knowing that we have an online marketplace that boasts of an updated inventory of products. If you are unable to come into our store physically, you can take advantage of our online ordering and cannabis delivery solution.Our delivery solution brings your items straight to your doorstep thus saving you the time and energy that would otherwise have been wasted.As one of the top dispensaries near me, we not only carry edibles, but also shop cartridges, flowers, extracts, tinctures, and more. 


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Here at SPARC Recreational Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Santa Rosa, we are the best dispensary near me for the members of our community.We have been in Santa Rosa for years and we have made an impact by offering customers only the best cannabis products for their medical and recreational needs.We go above and beyond to make sure that all of the products that we carry are those that meet the highest quality standards.We not only offer in-store services. We have an online platform that allows our customers to place orders for their items and enjoy our Cannabis Delivery services.We set ourselves apart from other dispensaries near me by offering high-grade products that have been tested for potency and quality.Some of the products that we carry include;Beverages – we carry all types of marijuana beverage options including dissolvable, shots, soda, and water.Cartridge – we have the best selection of cartridges for vape lovers. Some of the options we offer include ready to use, Pax Era Pod, 510 thread.Edibles – enjoy cannabis a different way with our range of edibles including chocolates, cookies, mints, and gummies.Extracts – cannabis extracts at its finest is what we offer. Browse our inventory for budder, distillate, ice water hash, live resins, live resin budder, RSO, and sauce.Flowers – we carry marijuana flowers from different strains including Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains. We offer the pre-ground and the pre-packed flowers for your pleasure.Pre-roll – we also offer a wide range of marijuana pre-rolls that save you time and energy. Browse our options of pre-rolls across different strains and varieties. We also offer flowers and infused pre-rolls.Topicals – our cannabis topicals are highly potent. Choose the balm or oils for the best feel.We also offer CBD pills and tinctures.




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Marijuana flowers remain one of the most sought-after marijuana products on the market. Over the years, there have been various strains and varieties of marijuana flower, each one delivering a specific feeling that is enjoyed by many.Here at SPARC Recreational Cannabis Dispensary & Delivery Santa Rosa, we know that you deserve the very best marijuana flowers and that is why we have committed ourselves to deliver the most potent and high-quality marijuana flowers to you and other customers.We understand that some dispensaries may have products whose quality can be questioned but for us, we make sure that all of the products that we carry in our Dispensaries Near Me are those that have been properly vetted.We know that organic products are the best and that is why we have formed a working relationship with suppliers whose main inventory is organic products.Rest assured that our team is always on standby to offer you the help that you need when choosing from our inventory.  



Our shelf has everything that you need, from the Indica strains to the hybrid and Sativa strain.We also offer the option of cannabis delivery to the members of our community who are too busy to come into our store. By placing an order online, you stand a chance to save yourself from the hassles of coming down to the dispensary.Our online inventory is constantly being updated and we carry product options like; biodynamic blue dream, thin mint cookie DAWG, GMO, Peach Puree, Sour banana grab and roll, biodynamic granola funk gram, Kosher kush, frosted melon, blue dream grab and roll, paradise citrus, strawberry banana, Z cube, biodynamic blackjack, thin mint cookie dawg, 4K, blue dream, super sour diesel, triangle mints, blueberry haze, biodynamic triple chocolate chip, frosted melon, premium Jack, and more.Come into any one of our dispensaries near me for more products.


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