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Couples often face problems that may tear them apart when not worked on. Here at Spencer Chernick, LMFT - ADHD, Couples, Teens, Children, we understand that couples who work on their issues can bounce back to become stronger and that is why we keep exploring new ways to ensure that couples get all of the help they need to become better at understanding and communicating with themselves. While we offer other services including Marriage Counseling services asides from our Couples Therapy services, we are proud of the methods that we use to achieve the desired results.When you come in to see our couples therapist, you can rest assured that you will have access to a range of therapy solutions including;This involves the assessment of the various areas of the couple’s relationship and the integration of research-based interventions that are designed to help the couples to identify and overcome the obstacles that are putting a strain on their relationship and communication.

The therapist at Spencer Chernick, LMFT - ADHD, Couples, Teens, Children will use the various techniques from this method to assess the areas that could use the most support and provide a pathway to providing the needed support so that couples can better address their problems and come out better.This is a personality assessment tool that has proven to be extremely useful, especially when the topic of personal self-knowledge is raised. Using this method, couples get to learn more about themselves and each other and this gives them a powerful tool for self-mastery as well as an understanding of their partners. With this approach, couples get to enjoy a wide range of advantages including learning more about team dynamics, conflict resolution, leadership and emotional intelligence, and more.





Couples Therapy


We also offer counseling and therapeutic solutions to clients who are dealing with grief as well as other difficult life transitions. If you are uncertain about what comes next, rest assured that we have just the perfect counselor for you to talk to.As part of the services that we offer, you can come into our counseling center to take advantage of our Marriage counseling session which is specially designed for married couples who need help to work through certain conditions and issues affecting intimacy, communication, as well as their relationship in general.Couples who come to us for marriage counseling help will be attended to by well-trained and experienced experts who adopt the latest and modern counseling approach to uncover problems and also help clients to work through the tough situations plaguing their union.We also offer Couples Therapy for couples who are planning on getting married and need as much help as possible to ensure that they are both on the same page. We also make sure that couples are offered all of the help needed leading to their wedding to ensure that they do not crack under the wedding planning stress.If you are also looking for a Child Therapist, we are ready to help.Here at Spencer Chernick, LMFT - ADHD, Couples, Teens, Children, we are focused on helping the members of our community to work through difficult issues and situations affecting their mental, physical, and emotional well-being.




Child Therapist


Here at Spencer Chernick, LMFT - ADHD, Couples, Teens, Children, we have handled several child therapy services and we are happy to work with more children to help them to find their path while also addressing unresolved issues that may be affecting their mental and emotional health.We understand that children are inexperienced adults who need guidance and may be faced with issues that appear too big for them to process, we offer the guidance needed for them to better process their feelings, thoughts, and emotions.We take a holistic approach to address the needs of children, whether they are dealing with self-esteem issues or they hold themselves to a certain standard that appears fictional and unrealistic.Having helped several children work through these issues over the years, rest assured that we are familiar with most of the common reasons why parents bring their children into our center to get help from our Child Therapist.Some of the common reasons why children come into our therapy sessions include;Struggling with school life and activities including their general academic performance, getting into trouble in school with fellow students and teachers, and more. Homelife struggles can be marked by emotional outbursts, poor decision-making skills that affect them and those around them, conflicts with parents and siblings.Relationship life problems including the inability to build and maintain a healthy relationship with peers and friends, problems with defining and setting healthy relationship boundaries, and more.


If you have come to notice that your child is struggling in multiple areas of their lives, whether in terms of building social relationships with peers at school or they are a little too expressive in terms of their emotions, you need to ensure that such a child has access to qualified child therapists who can take a look at whatever is going on and address the problem.Here at Spencer Chernick, LMFT - ADHD, Couples, Teens, Children, we have qualified and experienced Child Therapist who are ready to work with your child to get to the bottom of the problems they are facing.We are focused on addressing the problem from the ground up and we are open to working with children facing all kinds of difficulties including;Children who feel bad about themselves to the point that they have become less effective and less confident,Children who have gradually withdrawn themselves from their family and friends and rather prefer solitude.


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