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Our Dispensary Near Me open and friendly personnel are always available to guide you about the full range of ways you can consume medical marijuana.Of course, the most popular method is smoking, but we have many other options to meet each individual's consumption needs. Some of the ways to ingest our cannabis products include edibles, chewable, vaping, dabbing, tinctures, and topicals.Tinctures: This method involves placing a CBD/THC extract under the tongue. It takes about 60-90 seconds to dissolve and absorb into the bloodstream and begin working as intended.Vaporizing: It is a healthier way by which to inhale marijuana, as it's mostly smokeless. Instead of inhaling hot smoke, you ingest moist vapor, which also quickly absorbs into the body. Again, it is primarily pure smoke, which does not in any way harm the mucus membranes.Edibles and chewable: if you check at our Dispensary Near Me, you find many of these marijuana snacks and sweets which are user friendly. For example, we have a variety of different flavored gummies for you to chew. Edibles include delicious chocolates, cookies, and other equally sweet nibbles.Topicals: these include creams, gels, salves, and lotions. We often recommend them as a better way of treatment since they only target localized areas on your body, rather than filling your bloodstream.Generally, smoking is the most original and accessible way of ingestion. However, we keep educating our patients that it is not the healthiest way than the other mentioned methods. For instance, smoking involves the burning of cannabis, which eventually produces a considerable amount of waste products.According to clinical evidence, as you smoke the raw product, the possibilities of inhaling tar that swims off to, and harms your lungs are always very high. The heat from the smoke also dries and damages the mucus membranes, making them prone to infections.


Generally, there is limited research on how medical marijuana can disturb the proper working of other medications in the body. The guiding principle is that you strictly avoid mixing cannabis with other medicines such as CNS depressants. The best thing is that before you start on any course of marijuana, our doctors carefully assess the type of medications you are taking and advise you accordingly. The main reason behind this is that some of the cannabis drugs have sedating effects.If your regular medications also have these sedating properties, a combination can enhance results, with adverse outcomes.Again the use of marijuana can significantly alter the effectiveness of other types of drugs such as benzodiazepines. Drugs such as Xanax, and valium, are in the category of common benzodiazepine drugs that treat anxiety and insomnia.According to research, CBD use can obstruct enzymes that are meant to break down these medications. In the meantime, there is evidence of CBD slowing down the metabolic processes of common cholesterol drugs such as Lipitor, leading to an adverse effect in severe muscle pains. We advise against mixing our medication with alcohol, which can mess up both physical and mental body reactions. Other medications you need to watch out include anticoagulants and antiplatelets.But there should be no course for alarm. Once you visit any of our Dispensary Near Me, it becomes our sole responsibility to guide you through the whole process.



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Our Dispensary Near Me Open and friendly personnel are always available to guide you about the full range of ways you can consume medical marijuana.Many people interested in our marijuana products come armed with a wide range of questions. Here are some of them, with accompanying answers from our team.It is mostly a considerable concern for patients who come to our dispensary OKC and other dispensaries. Some of them present with chronic conditions and may need marijuana for long term use.Research indicates that as a natural herb, cannabis is generally safe to use and not addictive in the way opioid medications are. Unlike other prescription drugs, the treatment has fewer side effects and is usually friendly to the body’s system. The type of addiction that could occur is only about long-term use and psychological dependence, as it may be part of a daily routine. Cannabis does not also have withdrawal and physical side effects that can cause further harm, the way alcohol or opioid drugs do.The truth is that different people use cannabis for various reasons. While some may be using it for therapeutic purposes, for others, it could be recreational. Whatever the reason, everyone experiences the drug differently, and so any adverse effects could be unique to each person. Again, marijuana products with a higher concentration of THC often present more side effects than the more mundane CBD. Therefore, if you are trying to avoid the particular ‘high’ associated with marijuana, we recommend that you choose CBD based cannabis rather than THC.The common side effects that have been reported for THC based marijuana include general impairment of body movement, dizziness, and disorientation. Other notable adverse effects are slow reaction time and a lack of mental focus.




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If you are possibly scouting for a medical marijuana dispensary, you need to know about marijuana products. For example, CBD is an acronym of cannabidiol, one of the two primary compounds found in cannabis/marijuana.The other compound is THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is mainly non-psychoactive, implying that you do not get happy/high upon the ingestion of any of its products. In contrast, THC, depending on its level of concentration, can initiate a euphoric effect.The first thing we advise is that you get to familiarize yourself with each of these types. You also need to have an understanding of how the treatment works for your condition.The human body consists of an endocannabinoid system. It is an intricate biological structure comprising endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors. Receptors can be found throughout the human body and interact and bind so easily to endocannabinoids.Again there are two major types of receptors known as CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors are associated with the central nervous system, which governs mood, appetite, coordination, movement, and memory. On the other hand, CB2 receptors are situated on the peripheral part of the central nervous system and play a critical role in controlling pain and inflammation. The enzymes work by breaking down the cannabinoids, while endocannabinoids plug them to the receptors. Ingestion of CBD products activates and elevates the receptors, which somehow influences mood, pain, and coordination.It is thought that the non-intoxication and soothing properties of CBD helps as a therapeutic.intervention. In many of the health conditions. Researchers believe that it’s the most appropriate treatment for chronic anxiety, depressions, and various physical illnesses.

Once you come into our consultation, we carefully study your medical history and do a fresh examination. The diagnosis can help us prescribe only the right type, amount, and safest marijuana treatment. We guide you through every step of the procedure to stick to a routine without over/underdosing.We know that some of our patients could be on one or more treatment regimen using other medications. We, therefore, carefully examine how safely these other drugs can interact with any of our prescriptions.Intensive research is still going on to determine at what level some of the cannabis products can mess with other medications in your body system. Again, we give recommendations on overall safety, where there is a specific combination of marijuana and other conventional drugs. Are you starting on our marijuana medication? In such situations, it is wise to take your initial prescriptions under our doctor's close supervision. It can be useful, especially if you are using other medications besides CBD.We also suggest that if you have one or more pre-existing conditions and are considering marijuana treatment, you first need to see our doctors for an evaluation. Again, never should you stop your current medications from trying with cannabis, unless your doctors expressly approve. To close, we clarify the probable side effects of any medications we prescribe. Some of the widespread side effects we may ask you to watch include fatigue, diarrhea, and drowsiness. We also invite you to watch for changes in your appetite and sometimes weight.


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