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The thought of taking a psychoactive drug for the first time can be frightening, to say the least. You’ve heard bad stories of people messing up their lives due to over-reliance on marijuana. But others say this herb has helped them cope with chronic pain, prevent seizures and even treat glaucoma. What’s more, Arizona recently went fully legal, and now there are more than 30 dispensaries Kirkland alone.Here are some of the things to expect after smoking, vaping, or eating our recreational marijuana.Our range of recreational weed is grown with leisure in mind. And that usually means creating a special kind of high that may come with giggles, hunger, or a burst of creativity. THC is the chemical component responsible for making you high, and it’s usually the dominant strain in our recreational marijuana range.Smoking a joint might take a few minutes to get high, but vaping any of our concentrates is an entirely different experience. You’re inhaling vapor instead of smoke, which means taking in more active ingredients than other methods. The result is an instant, hard-hitting high. Edibles are the safest way to consume marijuana, but you will have to wait 2 hours or more to get high. That makes it a perfect method for people looking to get the medicinal properties of the herb. For example, you can have one of our popular weed cookies 30 minutes before sleeping to enjoy the full benefits.Generally, the “high” you get from edibles depends on the level of THC in the food item, your tolerance level, and how much you ate. So it’s easy to think that your edible is “not working.”




Dispensary Kirkland



Starbuds is one of the top dispensary  Kirkland, and we have a plan to expand to fully legal states. To do that, we’ve hired passionate budtenders and trained them to become incredibly knowledgeable about our product range. These guys can recommend the most suitable choice for beginners, intermediate and experienced users.Anybody who buys from us gets access to high-quality marijuana. Most of it is American grown, and we check every consignment for mold, pesticides, and other harmful contaminants. Anything that does not meet our strict requirements does not end up on our shelves. Period.We currently do in-store sales in all our locations, but we’ll eventually offer delivery services. This service is supposed to bring marijuana to people, especially those not near our six locations. But this has been harder to implement than we thought. Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 Drug, making it hard to insure dispensaries and ganja farms or get an asset loan for expansion. That translates to slower growth.you will always get access to high-quality flowers, prerolls, vape, and edibles from any of our locations. We also stock a wide variety of marijuana equipment and keep an eye out for new stuff. Our open-plan stores allow you to explore all our products immediately after walking in. We’re looking forward to expanding the Star Bud family to more locations in every fully legalized state. Currently, we have dispensaries in Kirkland, Bellingham, Burien, Everett, Seattle, and Tacoma. Every city has one dispensary for now, but the plan is to have more stores per city in the future. It might also be worth noting that the marijuana industry is still in its infancy, so we’re also limited by the supply of quality products.




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Marijuana has increased in popularity among Arizonians in recent years, sparking a polarizing debate. On one side, supporters say keeping it illegal translates to pumping billions of dollars into the judicial system to punish people who are otherwise peaceful and law-abiding citizens. The other side says weed can be a profitable industry if regulated. In the end, people realized making it illegal is not only expensive but also prevents people from treating curable diseases such as epilepsy and glaucoma. That’s why the state of Arizona decided to legalize marijuana and allow multiple dispensaries in Kirkland.Here are some of the reasons why our weed is so popular.Marijuana offers a special kind of high that also comes with healing properties. For example, our CBD range has been studied extensively, and the reports indicate they are a great way to reduce chronic pain, treat seizures and reduce insomnia. However, none of those studies suggested marijuana is more effective than big pharma products. Instead, they only indicated that our weed could be an excellent alternative for people looking to escape the numerous side effects of manufactured drugs.A lot of people stand to benefit from our operations. Our farmers get to do bigger plantations, street sellers can open legal businesses, and the government gets a whopping 16% levy from all our sales. We’re also open to the idea of a community planting operation where we buy surplus flowers and marijuana products from the public. That helps recreational planters meet the legal limit by selling us their surplus harvest and earn some side income.



With recreational marijuana going legal in most states, the urge to smoke a joint has never been greater. You might have also heard that weed comes with zero withdrawal symptoms. This is because it’s a medicinal plant that can get you high, making it a great alternative to alcohol. People are starting to realize that, which explains why we’ve received a ton of traffic from the dispensary near me search term recently.That said, here are examples of people who frequent our dispensaries.Most states will only allow adults above age 21 to buy marijuana in a dispensary legally. And that is totally understandable. Nobody wants to have their teenage child running around while stoned.Usually, most adults have a positive reaction to recreational marijuana compared to younger people. It starts with a ride to giggle town, stops at munch land, and ends in a good night’s sleep. That means you can use marijuana and still be a productive member of society.


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