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While this may be a financially dependent project for you, here at Syft, we can absorb the cost of the vetting process while giving you several options of trained Temporary staff to choose from.There are many reasons why we have become the top Staffing Agency for manufacturers and industry owners. Some of these reasons include;Here at Syft, we are concerned about you. whether your business is spread across the United Kingdom or it is localized, rest assured that we can find the right talents and trained minds to pick up the Temporary jobs that you have to offer. We have staff who are located across the United Kingdom, especially in areas like the Midlands, and the North.Our staffing solution is one that covers all aspects of your industrial needs, from production to packaging to picking and packing orders and delivery services.



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Our team at Syft has come together to create a clear cut goal, one that will ensure that you get the best solution, whether you are browsing for the best among Event Staffing Agencies or you are looking for an agency that can provide Temporary staffing solutions for your industrial needs.We focus on customer and client satisfaction at all times and this is why we have continued to grow as the best Temp Staffing Agency for you.When you choose to work with us, you will find that;We have clear processes – we are a team that believes in straightforward processes. As an employer, we provide you with all of the tools needed to get the best selection of Temporary staff while as an applicant, we provide you with great job options that put more money in your pocket.we are more than happy to have staff on our platform and that is why we offer fairer wages. Rest assured that you will get above-average pays as well as incentives and bonuses.we offer both employers and applicants the power of control and choice. This means that you can control who applies and the jobs you apply to and choose the best candidates or the best jobs for you.whether you are looking to take on night shifts or you are looking for an overnight staffing solution, we guarantee you 24 hours access to our platform from a business owner, by choosing us, you stand a chance to save more money by saving as much as 55% in agency fees when you choose us.


We offer you the perfect opportunity to staff overnight. We run a 24/7 Staffing Agency and you can always add the description to the last detail of the trained minds you wish to hire on a Temporary basis.Are you a business owner looking to hire Temporary staff while also saving yourself from the hassles and extra cost associated with the recruitment process? Rest assured that at Syft, we are the Staffing Agency for you.



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Many business owners have relied on our expertise at Syft to provide them with a wide range of staffing solutions for common job roles like warehouse operatives, warehouse assistants, pickers and packers, delivery drivers, and many more job roles.With help from us at Syft, business owners and employers can rest assured that they won’t have to miss the productivity of one member of their staff as we offer a 24/7 staffing solution that also reduces the overall cost of staffing by as much as 55 percent. Rest easy knowing that as your Temp Staffing Agency, we have a payroll structure that ensures that whether you have hired one or a hundred staff from us, all of them will be paid without you getting into the paperwork trouble.What we guarantee are: whether your business is localized or your supply chains is spread across the UK, rest easy knowing that we will have the best and high-quality industrial staff ready to work for you at all times. We offer you the Temporary staff you need to pick up the slack when there is a need for it. we handle the vetting process, therefore, guarantee a reduction in overall hiring cost.


Our facility management services and staffing here at Syft is one that will guarantee that your business will continue to run smoothly on a daily basis. We make sure that as your Temp Staffing Agency, we have conducted the necessary background checks, vetted, and okayed each staff that will be working with you through us.Our workers are those that are able to successfully carry out their duties without requiring any or little supervision.With our Temporary staffing solution, you can put jobs out at any time of the day or night and rest easy knowing that you will get the best selection of trained staff.As part of the solutions that we offer, we guarantee legal compliances as, during the onboarding process, we interview each staff to make sure that their experience, skills, and expertise are the right fit for any top tier employer. Added to this, we make sure that our workers are only allowed to claim a shift when they have passed the onboarding process.Our facilities management solution is also one that will save you from the paperwork of the payroll process. Some of the job categories we support include door security, festival staff, and cleaners.



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