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Several Staffing Agency claim to find you, temporary employees. However, there are several demerits depending on such organizations. While some prove out to be fraudulent, the others take a long time to complete the procedure. Besides, most of the agencies are a rip-off and charge hefty prices, which do not justify if you are employing temporary staff. In order to assist you in such dire situations, Syft (London Office) is an ideal platform that assures you convenient and efficient service.Syft is a reputable app that lets employers and employees connect with each other seamlessly. With the inconsistency in the current market scenarios, the demand for temporary staff is on the rise. We provide you with a smooth channel to search for either jobs or staff members. You might require employees for your factory or restaurant. We cater to all such demands. Our stringent program ensures that we provide you with accurate data about the candidates who are capable enough to suit your requirements.



Furthermore, we charge 55% less than most of the employment agencies, hence, reducing the costs. All the organization needs to do is post the information about the work, its requirement, and the location. The app will suggest the same to the befitting candidates. Available to support you at all times, our team ensures that only the vetted staff becomes a part of your organization. As for the jobseekers, we ensure that they can effortlessly find the right job without any undue delay. The transparent working of the app ensures that all the companies are legitimate. It is also confirmed that the pay to such jobseekers is justified. We offer an array of jobs to you in different areas. So, if you are looking for part-time or temporary employment, visit our platform and get in touch with the most suitable firm for you. 




Temp Agencies


With the fluctuating market conditions, it has become difficult to spot the job you aspire. There are several Temp Agencies present to cater to such recruitment needs. However, there exist several drawbacks. Such agencies are limited in options considering their physical boundaries. Furthermore, the process through such agencies can get prolonged and lead you to lose several significant opportunities. The commission demanded by such facilities can also come across as inconvenient to the jobseekers, especially if you are a student. Syft (London Office) is an app that handles all such concerns impeccably. Looking for a platform that serves you with unlimited options? Explore our app.Syft has been meticulously designed to cater to the needs of the employers and the jobseekers. The app remains in contact with several organizations planning to hire temporary staff. Such companies post information regarding the firm, its vacancy and shift requirements. The applicants can scrutinize such vacancies and opt for the one that synchronizes with their need. You could be looking for a part-time job as a chef in a restaurant, or you might want to work for an upcoming event. When you use our app, the chances are we have got your requirements covered. From facility management to factory works, we ensure that we offer maximum alternatives to our clients. Based in the UK, our app will provide you with opportunities from all across the country.Our app is aimed at making your experience productive and reassuring. Hence, we ensure that the wage rate is reasonable and the shift requirements of the companies displayed match with your schedule. The seamless operations of our app also prevent you from the daunting paperwork aspect of every recruitment process. Bracing you for the job, we ensure that you have to deal with minimum inconvenience. Are you looking for part-time employment in the UK? Check out the latest vacancies at Syft (London Office) app.




Staffing Agencies


Employing staff members can be an extremely arduous job. Besides ensuring that you hire the right people for your organization, you need to manage meticulous paperwork before hiring a team of workers. While several reputed Staffing Agencies claim to assist you in this arena, only a few prove to be useful. However, the costs of hiring staff through such agencies can be too high, thus, taking a toll on your profits. Syft (London Office) provides you with an easy way to avoid such inconveniences by directly getting contact with the prospective staff members. Syft (London Office) is a carefully designed app, which makes the recruitment process a cakewalk for your firm. Whether you need a cleaner in your office or need a driver for your factory, our endless number of skilled candidates will not disappoint you. Besides costing you considerably lower than other recruiting agencies, we ensure that we provide you with competent employees. 



The app requires you to put up the primary details regarding the job vacancy. The suitable jobseekers will contact you immediately.You can avail the services of our app day and night. We ascertain that our services are reliable. Hence, we conduct an appropriate screening process for the applicants of the jobs to determine their experience and proficiency. We ensure that you do not have to encounter the inconveniences of absent employees and abrupt quitting. So, when you deal with us, we assure a skilled set of employees and complete peace of mind. If you are a job seeker for part-time jobs, we have exceptional options for you. Varying from enormous events to facility management activities, we offer you extensive alternatives. We reinforce your safety and composure by ensuring reasonable pay. The app also strives to provide you with shifts that suit your schedule. To meet your employment requirements without enduring the hectic paperwork, access the services of our platform today!


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