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When choosing a company to handle your Appliance Repair needs, you must take steps necessary to find out about such a company, the types of services offered, the type of professionals available and the pricing structure.At The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop, we are familiar with all of these and this is why when customers in and around our service areas call on us for their appliance repair needs, whether Refrigerator Repair or other appliance repair needs, we make sure that they are provided with fast response time. We understand that appliances, when they break down, may make certain tasks difficult and can affect the quality of your life and this is why we strive to arrive at your property early to perform the same day service to you and your family.We have a team of factory-trained, licensed and certified technicians whose job is to improve the quality of your life and this is why you can rest assured that when you call on us, we will repair all makes and models of the appliance and also perform Appliance Installation where necessary.We offer a fast and transparent service so you can rest easy knowing that technicians will come to you with a fully equipped service truck containing parts that have been sourced from trusted suppliers. We start each repair process by first diagnosing the problem then we attend to the fix or replacement part needs.



Refrigerator Repair


At The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop, we are the leading provider of Appliance Repair and installation services in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas. Having been in business for years, we have amassed the experience needed to bring to the fore the best services that members of our community are proud of.We work with a team of carefully selected, experienced, licensed and insured repair technicians who are familiar with all the makes and models of appliances used at home and in the business place.When customers reach out to us, whether for Refrigerator Repair or other appliance repair service, we make sure that our team is dispatched to the area as soon as possible. We aim to deliver a fast and same day service to all of our customers and this is why we will show up at your property in a fully equipped service van that has all the parts needed to restore your appliance to its original working condition.We make sure that each appliance repair process starts with a proper diagnosis of the appliance to better identify the source of the problem and address it. We have put in place a fool-proof process that ensures that all clients that we work with will remain satisfied at the end of each service.


Appliance Installation


When you are looking for experts to handle your Appliance Repair needs, rest assured that we are the best professionals to hire in the Baltimore area.At The Baltimore Appliance Repair Shop, we are the best team to handle all of your appliance service needs including the installation or repair of all models and brands of appliances that you may have in your home or business place.We aim to serve you better and this is why we have carefully selected a team of appliance repair technicians who are certified, licensed and insured. We make sure that all of our appliance repair professionals are those that have years of experience carrying out Appliance Repair and this helps us to guarantee that your appliance will be restored to its original working condition.

We have been in Baltimore, MD and have been serving the area and surrounding areas for years, making sure that all of their appliance repair needs, including Refrigerator Repair, are attended to.Our technicians can come to you instantly or schedule your appliance repair service to align with your busy schedule. When we come to you, we will come fully equipped and with a service truck thus allowing us to guarantee the same day repair service to you.We offer written estimates that are detailed and hold no clause of hidden service charge. We also make sure that at the end of each service, we offer you a warranty on the services that we have delivered, allowing you to rest better.When you call on us, we will not only offer a fast response time but also, affordable services. we will come to you to repair your ovens, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, dryer, washing machine and all other appliances.

Click Here to Call Us:(410) 237-8069

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