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A Criminal Defense Lawyer is an attorney (usually only barristers), specializing in the defense of businesses and individuals charged with criminal action. Some criminal defense lawyers, also called public attorneys, are privately retained by a government agency with a court of law, while other are appointed by the different jurisdictions with public criminal courts for application to represent indigent defendants; the latter are also known as public defenders. An attorney in a private practice can be very specialized, working only with criminal cases, or concentrating in one crime, such as rape, murder, or grand larceny. A defense lawyer can also be a public defender who defends individuals charged with crimes against society at large. A defense lawyer can be appointed by the state, or federal government, or can work on a part-time basis for a firm that is institution-based.



Attorneys who practice before the courts or are appointed by the state are referred to as criminal defense attorneys. Attorneys who practice in law enforcement work for the government in providing criminal defense services to its citizens. The attorney's role is divided into three categories; public defenders, private attorneys, and private law enforcement attorneys. Public defenders are responsible for the legal representation of indigents before the public and the state Supreme Court. Private attorneys are responsible for the representation of clients charged with crimes before the state Criminal Court and the state supreme court. Private law enforcement attorneys are responsible for the apprehension, arraignment, and trial of offenders.



DWI Lawyer


If you or someone you know has been arrested for DWI, you need to consider hiring a DWI Lawyer to help you fight the charges. DWI (DWI means Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Impaired) is considered a felony in many states . It is possible to be charged with DWI regardless of whether the alcohol was consumed by you or someone else. Even if the police know that you were not impaired at the time of arrest, carrying small amounts of alcohol can still get you arrested, even if you are not charged with DWI. If you are facing DWI, you need an experienced DWI Attorney to help you fight the charges against you. DWI Attorneys are well versed in the Federal and State Laws relating to DWI and drunk driving. They will work aggressively to get you the best possible defense, and to get your charges reduced or dismissed. A DWI Lawyer can also assist you with finding qualified counsel who will fight aggressively on your behalf, from the prosecution, the judge and all the way to the jury trial. A good DWI Attorney will have access to top DWI lawyers and top quality lawyers who have experience in the criminal justice system. Attorneys with experience fight DWI charges and win over the cases every day.





Domestic Violence Lawyer


The issue of Domestic Violence Law is a growing concern, with the incidence of such crimes rising steadily each year. The basic concept behind such laws is that a relationship between two (or more) people should be free from all forms of physical, mental, sexual or emotional abuse, which may lead to severe emotional and/or psychological disorders in the victim. The ground of such cruelty and domestic abuse is laid down by the Domestic Relations Law, which states that Cruel and Inhuman Treatment is a sufficient basis for divorce.In many cases, situations involving domestic violence are likely to fall under the category of abuse or torture. The first-hand knowledge of such victims will help victims and their families to file the appropriate complaints against their alleged abuser(s). This is where domestic violence lawyers come into play. A good Domestic Violence Lawyer will be able to present his client's case in a convincing manner to the court and will also be able to gather important evidence that will prove to be helpful. Such evidence may include videos, photographs, audio clips, medical records, police reports, and so on.



In most instances, victims will not be able to identify the faces or figure out who the assailant is, due to his/her frightened state. Such victims may also end up hurting themselves due to their inability to see or hear the people who are responsible for torturing or hurting them. For such victims, it is important that they hire a skilled and experienced domestic violence lawyer to represent them before the court. If you think that you may be a victim of domestic violence, it is advisable that you contact your local domestic violence attorney as soon as possible, so that he/she is able to assess your situation and the extent of the damage that the alleged abuser has caused you.


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