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Here at The Siemon Law Firm, we are interested in helping you to protect the interest of the children of the marriage and that is why our Atlanta Divorce Lawyer not only serves you through the divorce proceeding but can also represent you during the process of child custody filing and agreement.We know that you want custody of your children, or at least, to be able to visit them, and we make this happen by delivering solid legal representation to you.Our child custody lawyer will work hand in hand with the Atlanta divorce attorney here at our law firm to help you understand the factors that are most important in protecting the child’s best interest.



Some of the factors we put into consideration include;- The psychological, emotional, and developmental needs of the child or children- The safety of the child- The ability of the parents to communicate- Instances of domestic violence that can harm the child or make the environment less conducive- The child’s preference- The suitability of each parent as the primary custodian of the child or children- The closeness or geographic proximity of the parents- The parent that has provided primarily for the child over the years.We take you through the process and educate you on the things you need to know.We have many positive reviews from past clients. Read: “Professional service with a personal touch. They took the time to fully understand my situation and my case. I always received personal and prompt attention to any concerns and pressing items. The superior results they were able to obtain for my child and I from my highly contested custody case were more than I could have ever imagined. I highly recommend The Siemon Law Firm.”



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Here at The Siemon Law Firm, we understand that the process of adoption can be hard. Whether you are a step-parent looking to adopt a stepchild or you are interested in adopting your foster child, we make sure that the process is hassle-free for you and your family. As your Atlanta Divorce Attorney, we make sure that you are educated on the process while we handle all of the paperwork needed to get you the desired outcome.Rest assured that we have a team of attorneys that are ready to work with you to make the goal of becoming a family easier for you and your child. We offer help with a private or agency-assisted adoption process and you can trust us to handle local, interstate, and international adoption processes with ease.Added to this, we also offer help with the stepparent, grandparent, relative, or foster parent adoption process. We make sure that you are properly educated on the process as well as the dos and don’ts of such an adoption process.We are also the team of attorneys to contact when you need to contest an adoption or termination of parental rights. We will stand by you at all times from the beginning through to the end of the case.We have enjoyed several accolades over the years from past clients. One of the positive reviews we received reads: “The Siemon Law Firm handled our adoption, which was a very complicated case. Their professionalism is outstanding, and they are extraordinarily knowledgeable and competent. We had wasted too much time and money with other lawyers that didn’t know what they were doing. There aren’t enough words to express our gratitude for what the Siemon Law Firm has done for our family.”




Atlanta Family Law Attorney


Here at The Siemon Law Firm, we have a team of dedicated Atlanta Family Law Attorney that have over the years committed their legal profession to help members of the community to navigate the complex world of divorce and other related issues.We are not only the best Atlanta divorce attorney but we also make sure that you are offered all of the information you need to know, whether you have been served court papers or you are in the process of initiating a divorce proceeding.When you come into our law office, our Atlanta family law attorney will help you to better understand the things you need to consider before proceeding with the divorce process.



Added to this, we will also help you to understand the various types of divorce and the grounds for divorce so as to better choose one that fits the case you have presented.Some of the factors we encourage you to focus on as part of the divorce case include the reasons hiring an attorney makes sense to you and your interest, helping you to understand the essence of settlement, helping you to understand spouse and family finances, building your credit, and consideration for your accommodation and welfare after the divorce proceeding.As your top divorce lawyers, we offer help with all types of divorce including at-fault divorce cases, no-fault divorce cases, contested and uncontested divorce cases.We also offer legal help and representation in annulment cases, helping you to understand the ground upon which you can seek an annulment; divorce for men; divorce for women; the use of private investigators as part of the divorce process, standing orders, and more.A past client of ours had this to say: “For a messy divorce, it was the best legal experience I have ever had. Expedient, very knowledgeable, compassionate, all with appropriate and necessary humor. I have recommended this firm to dozens of individuals in need of a divorce lawyer.”


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