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uBreakiFix Offers Repairs and Replacement Parts For All Devices

At uBreakiFix, we are truly the repair service provider for all devices. When you visit our office, you can rest assured that we will provide you with all the help you need to restore full functionality to your broken or damaged device.

While many people have trusted us for all Liberty Iphone Repair services, below is the full list of services you can trust our team of experienced and professional repair technicians to handle.

Smartphone repairs: we understand the importance of your smartphone to you and this is why we offer a comprehensive smartphone repair service that begins with free diagnostics of the problem so we can better attend to it. Whether you are in need of a screen repair Liberty service or you want a battery replacement service, trust us to handle it. We service all major makes and models of smartphones including iPhone, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, Amazon, Blackberry, Nokia, OnePlus, Sony and others.

Liberty Iphone Screen Repair

Tablet Repairs: We offer a full range of tablet repair services to help you get the best of your device. Whether your tablet has suffered a broken screen or is failing to hold a charge as it would normally do, bring it to us for the right repair service. We service all major and minor tablet devices in the market including iPads, Samsung tablets, Nokia Tablets, Blackberry tablets, HTC tablets, Amazon tablets, LG Tablets, Sony Tablets and more.

Game console repairs: we have a team of experienced game console repair specialists that will attend to all of your needs. Whether your gaming console has failed to come on or it has failed to load video games, we will diagnose and get to the root of the problem. Trust us to handle all your Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation console repair needs.

Computer repairs: We are more than capable of diagnosing software and hardware problems that may be disturbing the full functionality of your computer, whether a laptop or PC.

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Liberty Iphone Battery Replacement

Smartphones have become an important part of the day to day lives of many. For millions of people, a smartphone is an accessory that completes their dressing, offering them the chance to make memories on the go using the camera feature for photos and videos. Others make use of their smartphone for lots of other purposes including getting work done on the fly.

With smartphones packing so many features, these features and access to them rely solely on the quality of the battery on the smartphone. If your smartphone battery has begun to lose charge faster than it normally would, chances are that you may begin to experience frustrations, especially when the battery is drained at the most important times of need.

While you can choose a Liberty iPhone repair company to look into this problem and most likely suggest a Liberty iPhone battery replacement as the next line of action, we have put together for you some of the common practices that can save your phone battery from becoming bad.

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Avoid fully charging and fully draining your phone battery

One of the commonest practices among smartphone users is fully charging their phones. Most phone users want to get the best of their smartphones when they are out and as such resort to charging the smartphone to 100 percent. Another close call is using the smartphone until the battery is fully drained. If you are a culprit, then you may be doing more harm to your phone battery than you know.

Fully draining the lithium-ion battery puts it under undue pressure which can cause it to degenerate faster than it normally would have. To keep your phone battery in perfect health and condition, it is recommended that you should not charge it more than 90% on a single charge and do not drain less than 20%. This practice will save you from the cost of an iPhone repair near me service.

Keep the screen brightness moderate

The brightness of your phone’s screen is one of the contributing factors to its low power retention. When the brightness is high or at its maximum, your smartphone pumps more energy into maintaining the brightness and as such drains the battery faster. To keep yourself from having to frequently battle with a low battery or having to charge your phone from time to time, keep the phone’s screen brightness relatively low.

Choose darker themes

Most smartphones nowadays come packing AMOLED or OLED screens. When you choose darker themes, you stand a chance to save more energy than choosing bright colored themes. 

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