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Nothing makes more meaning in a phone than the matter. Sure, the camera matters, so do the display and every other thing, but these features only have meaning because of the battery. That is why phones these days come with high battery capacity compared to years ago because of how important the battery is to the phone. But it is not always enough. There are two common problems a phone battery could face. The first is that it would no longer last like before. This is because every battery comes with a number of cycles. When it completes these cycles, its capacity reduces and it begins to last less. After some months again, it reduces, and so on. So that after some time, your phone that used to last more than 8 hours would now be struggling to stay on for 3 hours on a full charge. Although this may be completely normal, as you may have used the phone for years before it goes through this face, it is nonetheless very frustrating for which you must visit Olathe Iphone Repair.


Olathe Iphone Screen Repair

Another big issue is the battery can just die like that. This could be caused by a power problem, from charging it, making the phone refuse to come on or charge at all. When this happens, most people think the phone has gone bad and would want to replace it, without realizing that it's the battery that has the problem. Replacing batteries on iPhones is one of the things we do at uBreakiFix.Olathe Iphone Screen Repair understand that no matter how good your phone is, the battery could give a problem someday, that is why our technicians are ever ready to help you replace the battery with a better one. What makes us stand out is we receive the battery directly from the phone company, to ensure that we only put the right stuff into your phone.


Olathe Iphone Battery Replacement

Our Android phones have become our personal digital assistant, helping us do so many things. For some of us, they have replaced our laptops, allowing us to do so much from anywhere we are. Android phones have some of the best batteries coupled with the OS that allows you to make enough modifications so you can do more with it.

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If you experience any of these, you should bring it to us at uBreakiFix to give you the ultimate repair you need. We are qualified to take on the task of screen repair near me and much more. We fix any model of Android, no matter how old or recent it is. Be rest assured as we only use parts supplied to us by the manufacturers.

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