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Physiotherapist may work in hospital, home health care, nursing homes, acute care hospitals, physician offices, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics, college or university health centers, in a clinic devoted to physiotherapy, in a health maintenance organization, independent living centers, in a rehabilitation center, in a group or senior care facility, in a hospital or in an assisted living community. Physiotherapist's may work in different areas in one location, however they usually specialize in a specific area such as orthopedics, pediatrics, neurological surgery, sports medicine, geriatrics, cardiovascular or respiratory therapy, pediatric, trauma, pulmonary medicine, elective procedures, alternative medicine, family practice, chronic illness management, orthopedics and physical assessment. They may work in a hospital, outpatient clinic, office, school or a community health center. They may work in Physiotherapy or Massage centers.There are many job opportunities available for Physiotherapists with a Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) or a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (BSP). Physiotherapists will often work in conjunction with physicians, nurses, and other health care providers. Some Physiotherapists will work in hospital departments and primary care clinics, while others work in primary care groups, doctor's offices or in physicians' offices. Physiotherapists may also work in rehabilitation centers, clinics, in nursing homes and their outpatient clinics. In some states, physiotherapists are permitted to prescribe therapeutic exercise programs in mental health and fitness centers or in schools and community centers.








Acupuncturist is a professional who gives needles and other methods of inserting and extracting various objects from the body that provides medical treatment based on traditional Chinese medicine. Studies have proven that acupuncture is efficient for various ailments. However, there is a downside to acupuncture. Acupuncturists are not licensed doctors and there are dangers involved in the process. Therefore, if you decide to go to an acupuncturist for your medical treatment, make sure that you check whether he is qualified as having proper credentials and trained for the job.Acupuncturists check for basic medical history of patients before administering any type of therapy and tests his physical and mental condition. During the acupuncture performed on the patient, the acupuncturist feels each part of the body and checks for any disruptions in the flow of blood. This tests for any abnormal heartbeats, irregular breathing or any other abnormalities in the circulatory system. The acupuncturist also checks for signs of any serious illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infections or other serious diseases. Acupuncturists also test the patient's ability to control body temperature to assess the possible risks for infections during the acupuncture therapy.Acupuncturists perform an acupoint injection to provide relief from pain and treat inflammation at the same time. There is little discomfort felt by the patient during the procedure as the needle enters the targeted area and releases some pain relieving medications into the body through the needles. You can either feel the needles or you can hear some noise like humming, crackling, popping or some kind of spray sound that could be annoying and uncomfortable but not harmful to your health. The amount of medication given depends on the size of the needle entered into your skin.





Massage Therapist


A massage therapist, also known as a massage therapist, is a licensed and trained professional skilled in all the healing and therapeutic values of massage. Massage Therapists usually specialize in a select number of massage (including traditional Swedish, deep tissue and trigger point, sports massage, or prenatal), so only some will be most appropriate for different clients with various needs. A Massage Therapist may also choose to focus in on particular groups of people such as pregnant women, the elderly, or those recovering from an injury. Therapists will also sometimes work in rehabilitation settings, helping physically or mentally challenged individuals or athletes to re-learn how to participate in sports or other physical activities.Before working with a Massage Therapist, clients should prepare a detailed medical history, which should include information about any current illnesses or conditions they currently have, their family medical history, and the therapeutic history of any illnesses or medications that they might be on. It is important for clients to discuss their plans and expectations with a Massage Therapist prior to a session.


During this time, the Massage Therapist can review medical history with the client to ensure that the information provided is accurate. In addition, the Massage Therapist should ask specific questions pertaining to any injuries or ailments the client has had, any past and present medical problems, any medications the client is on, and any emotional issues that the client may be dealing with such as stress, anger, fear, depression, etc. The Massage Therapist will also review the client's lifestyle and diet and ask questions regarding any dietary restrictions, allergies, foods/drinks the client may be allergic to.Massage Therapists are licensed in all 50 states in the United States and are expected to be well trained in all of the above modalities. They are also expected to be very knowledgeable in their area of practice. Massage Therapists are not esthetic artists and are not trained in body contouring or body relaxation. They provide relief for the body and mind by using manual techniques or specialized mechanical devices. Some massage therapists also combine massage therapy with other modalities such as acupressure, herbal medicine, and chiropractic care.


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