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Wedding arches are known to draw the attention of guests at the event. Easily the focal point, especially as this demarcates the couple from the guests, adding wedding arches to your décor may just be the final addition to a perfect decoration.One of the biggest advantages of Scottsdale Wedding Arch Rentals is that they are versatile. This means that you can use them for a lot of purposes, irrespective of the venue you have chosen for your wedding. If you have chosen a church, wedding arches can be used to guide your guests through the aisle and onto their seats while if you have chosen a beachfront for the occasion, it can be adopted as a makeshift pulpit.If your wedding venue is an open space, you can also use wedding arches to add a bit of decoration to the tents, creating an entrance for the guests.Be sure to speak to your trusted Scottsdale Wedding Rentals company about the various options of wedding arches available to choose from.



Many people make the mistake of thinking tents are only needed for outdoor events. However, tents can also be used for indoor events, especially when you wish to separate guests based on a number of factors. Looking to have your work buddies separated from your family and friends, or looking to separate guests based on their age-group? A tent is a perfect solution.Your wedding rental representative can also help you solve wedding venue problems with a tent. If your wedding venue ever turns out to be smaller than you expected for the guests in attendance, a tent would come in handy.Your wedding doesn’t have to be a boring event. Instead, you can choose to spice things up with audiovisual equipment. Looking to show footage of when you first met the love of your life? Planning on singing his or her special number with the lyrics displayed on the screen? Planning on displaying a photo collage of your love through the years for friends and family present? Audiovisual equipment is the solution.You can choose a portable tripod projector for the photos and videos or a public address system to make your best man’s speech loud and audible.


Mesa Chair Rentals

Whether you are looking for the best prices for Mesa Chair Rentals or you are interested in something rustic to set the tone for an upcoming event that you are planning, rest assured that at Wood-n-Crate Designs, we have just the right event decorations to make you smile.At Wood-n-Crate Designs, our aim is to make sure that you have one less thing to worry about as part of the party preparation process. We understand that planning a party, whether it is a wedding, graduation party, corporate event, birthday party or others, is a great responsibility and this is why we have a selection of party decorations that will set the right tone and mood for the event.Our goal at Wood-n-Crate Designs is to make event planning a dream and this is why we have implemented a lot of processes and put in place some structures to ease your stress. One such thing we have put in place is the convenient online wish list. The online wish list allows you to browse through our inventory catalog from the comfort of anywhere while choosing the event decoration items that best match your needs and the number of units needed for your event.



Upon complete selection and submission of your wish list, we take it from there by assigning to you a staff who will reach out to you to take down the details of where and when the selected items will be needed.In addition to this, we understand that a lot of money has gone into the planning of your event and this is why we have made our rental prices unbelievably competitive. Whether you are planning a wedding, a graduation party, a bachelorette party, a gender reveal party or a corporate event, rest assured that we have the perfect event decors to make your big event a success.Contact us today to get started on selecting from the wide range of unique party pieces we offer or take advantage of our online wish list to conveniently book all that you need for your next event.


Scottsdale Wedding Rentals

Wood-n-Crate Designs is a local, family-owned event decoration rental company that aims to provide party planners and event decorators with the best pieces for their party decoration needs.Having been in business for years, we have worked with various planners to make sure that the big event they are putting together looks as radiant and fabulous as their clients wanted.One of the biggest and most exciting events we are proud to be a part of our weddings. We understand that as part of the planning phase, you require the perfect Scottsdale wedding rentals to set the right mood and theme for the day.We carry some of the most sophisticated wedding rental items including wedding arches that have been uniquely designed with attention paid to the last detail. We ensure that all of our wedding arches are sturdy enough to carry the weight of even the most complex floral arrangements.


We also understand the importance of the perfect wedding backdrops both for you and your guests. We offer a variety of wedding backdrop options for you to choose from including the Wood pallet backdrop, boxwood hedge walls, White Shiplap Walls, Lyric wall backdrop, rustic door backdrops and more, all to match the theme and tone of your wedding.We provide you with the perfect backdrops, whether you need a clean one to cover blemishes on the walls or to cover the eyesore in your background.Our inventory also includes a wide variety of signage that can be chosen from for all types of events, whether you are throwing a large birthday party, wedding reception, corporate event or other party types.Rest assured that we understand the need for competitive pricing and this is why we offer all of our event decoration rental items at the most competitive prices you won’t even believe it.

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