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Family law refers to all legal matters relating specifically to family, marriage, divorce, separation, adoption, child support and alimony (wife's alimony). Family law also includes civil law, including probate, corporate law, property and casualty, personal injury and negligence, trusts, and title insurance. Family law is a specialized area of law dealing with the entire family and their issues, whether it be for minor children teenagers, or grandparents.When it comes to making arrangements for your minor children after you get married, the process can become rather complicated, so it is wise to retain the services of a family law attorney who is familiar with these issues and the requirements that must be met in order for a divorce to be approved. The Family Law Attorney will have expertise in making sure that all of the requirements of the state are met and will help you through every step. When it comes to the issue of paternity, most states require that the father accept responsibility for the child or children and either award them to the mother or remain in the country while subjecting the wife to visitation rights. It is the role of the family law attorney to ensure that this requirement is met and that the procedures are followed to the letter.There are many other areas of the law where a family law attorney can be valuable to both parties. Paternity, maternity, surrogacy, estate planning, juvenile, and landlord/tenant law are just a few of the areas of the practice that an experienced legal professional can be helpful in. There are many areas of the law that involve extended family, including cousins, foster parents, and relatives who do not live close to the individuals being involved.






Divorce Lawyer


A divorce lawyer deals with civil law specifically relating to matrimonial disputes. This field is saturated with life-changing events and emotions. So, a divorce lawyer has to delicately but justly address a wide array of family law matters from divorce, prenuptial agreement, marital rape, spousal abuse, property division, alimony, and child custody to even visitation and child support rights. He or she must also effectively communicate this information to the couple concerned as well as the children that are undergoing the divorce proceedings.One of the most challenging aspects of the job of a divorce lawyer is developing a client's case based on an accurate account of the legal history of the couple. The divorce history includes such events as the filing of the legal separation, alimony payments, any prior marriages and domestic partnerships, the granting of the legal separation, the granting of the divorce, and post-divorce adjustments to any monetary accounts. Divorce lawyers therefore often spend months assembling the pertinent documentation from a myriad of sources in order to develop an accurate account of the couple's post-divorce history. In some cases, the legal separation may not have been filed properly nor did the spouses correctly document their financial circumstances prior to the separation.





Child Support Attorney


A child support attorney can handle a variety of functions for people who are fighting for child custody or are in dispute over visitation rights with their custodial parent. A child support attorney can draft child support agreements, settle and define the terms of ongoing child support obligations, and also enforce temporary custody arrangements and periodic visits. They also enter into negotiations for their clients with the custodial parent and advise them during legal proceedings.To be granted custody of a child, the custodial parent must demonstrate an ability to provide physical care, love, guidance, and discipline to the child. Often times, the Court will order both parents combined total income for reasons that vary from case to case. The Court may award sole physical and legal custody based on what is most beneficial to the child. If one parent is unable to reasonably provide these necessities, the Court may award joint custody. However, the Court will consider the parent's ability to provide daily living expenses and determine if one parent should be awarded sole custody or primary custody. In some cases, where the parents are unable to agree, the Court will appoint an independent Living Arrangement Counselor to mediate the matter.



When selecting a lawyer to assist you in drafting a child support agreement and completing necessary paperwork, it's important to hire the right individual for your needs. While many attorneys offer child support services, not all of them specialize in this area of law. Many child support lawyers do not specialize in family law, such as child support enforcement, visitation issues, or child support compliance. If you need a lawyer who specializes in child support enforcement and/or custody, it's recommended that you select a lawyer who has worked in this area of the law for several years. Selecting an attorney with experience will ensure that your child support payments are calculated accurately and child support guidelines are followed.


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